Chateau La Freynelle Bordeaux Rouge 2020

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Bordeaux Rouge, or ‘red Bordeaux’, wines make up to 90% of the wines produced in Bordeaux. Wines from this region are usually a blend of two or more of the traditional Bordeaux grape varieties. Red Bordeaux wines are arguably the most famous and desirable wines in the world.

Discover the Prestige of Bordeaux Wine Singapore at Prestige Wine Cellar Pte Ltd
A Journey into the World of Bordeaux Wine Singapore
We hope you enjoy discovering Bordeaux wine without leaving Singapore at Prestige Wine Cellar Pte Ltd. Enjoy your stay—we do! We selected Bordeaux’s best wines. Bordeaux is famous for its wineries and terroir. Our Bordeaux is top-notch. Whether you’re a wine expert or a novice, we encourage you to discover our Bordeaux wine range.Prestige Wine Cellar Pte Ltd Offers Bordeaux with Terroir and Tradition.
Prestige Wine Cellar Pte Ltd is proud to offer such a great selection of Bordeaux wine Singapore. We’re pleased. Our wine collection includes Left Bank Cabernet Sauvignon blends and Right Bank Merlot and Cabernet Franc. Right Bank Merlot and Cabernet Franc and Left Bank powerful pairings are famous worldwide. These recipes show the region’s diverse flavour and cooking methods. We provide Sauternes’ delicious sweet and dry white wines.

Every Bordeaux bottle comes from a famous vineyard.
Bordeaux wines are famous for their depth, complexity, and longevity. The unpredictable weather and diverse soil types are to blame. The tobacco, black fruit, and soil aromas of its red wines make them world-renowned. These traits make this nation’s red wines world-class. When you buy a Bordeaux wine from Prestige Wine Cellar Pte Ltd, you’re immersing yourself in an area known for its excellent winemaking for decades, if not centuries. Bordeaux is in southwestern France’s Bordeaux region.

Bordeaux wine and food pair well.
Due to their variety of styles and flavours, Bordeaux wine match well with many dishes. Prestige Wine Cellar Pte Ltd offers a team of wine specialists who can help you find the right Bordeaux for dinner. We can help you find the right Bordeaux and food pairing, whether you want a hearty red from the Left Bank to pair with a steak, a light and crisp white from Pessac-Léognan to pair with grilled fish, or a luscious sweet Sauternes to pair with blue cheese or dessert. We believe we can succeed.

Bordeaux is for connoisseurs and should be saved for rare occasions.
Bordeaux wine represents good times, sophistication, and flair. Our Bordeaux wine Singapore is perfect for celebrating a special event, gifting a wine lover, or treating oneself to a more refined wine experience.

For Bordeaux information, contact Prestige Wine Cellar Pte Ltd.
Prestige Wine Cellar Pte Ltd offers the broadest selection of Bordeaux wine Singapore. Our goal is to help you discover Bordeaux’s diverse wine offerings. Do not miss this incredible opportunity to explore Bordeaux at Prestige Wine Cellar Pte Ltd.



Bordeaux Wine Singapore


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