Georges Michel Legend Pinot Noir 2015



Intense, expressive, fruit-driven. Native to Burgundy and notoriously fickle, the Pinot Noir grape has found a home away from home in New Zealand.

Discover the Elegance of Pinot Noir Wine at Prestige Wine Cellar Pte Ltd
The Intricate Charm of Pinot Noir
Welcome to Prestige Wine Cellar Pte Ltd, where we’ll show you the wonders of Pinot Noir. Enjoy your stay! Our collection, handpicked from the world’s best wine regions, captures Pinot Noir’s depth of taste and delicacy of scent. Our Pinot Noir assortment is exciting for wine novices and experts alike. We welcome wine novices!
Pinot Noir Wine: Harmonious Tastes Prestige Wine Cellar’s Production
Prestige Wine Cellar Pte Ltd is thrilled to provide such a great assortment of Pinot Noirs, one of our specialties. Our Pinot Noir line showcases the grape’s versatility and expressiveness, from Burgundy’s classic vineyards to Oregon and New Zealand’s cutting-edge locations. These Pinot Noirs are superb examples. We invite you to experience a wide range of Pinot Noir wine from our talented and committed staff.Pinot Noir, a Wine World Standout
Wine aficionados admire Pinot Noir for its subtle taste and delicate structure. It’s notoriously fragrant, with earthy and spice overtones to accompany red fruits like cherries and strawberries. Its recent fame is due to these traits. Prestige Wine Cellar Pte Ltd’s Pinot Noir is one of the world’s most coveted grapes.Pinot Noir, Fancy Dinners Peanut butter with jelly.
Pinot Noir, with its medium body, crisp acidity, and changeable flavour character, is a good choice for a versatile wine. It goes great with chicken, salmon, and mushrooms. Another wine strength. Our knowledgeable staff at Prestige Wine Cellar Pte Ltd may recommend delectable dishes to match with our Pinot Noir wine to optimise your enjoyment. Please contact us for our suggestions.

Pinot Noir: The Wine for Any Occasion Easily
Pinot Noir is suitable for almost any occasion. Its refinement and depth make it a wonderful companion for formal festivities, while its flexibility and friendliness make it suitable for casual get-togethers. It makes a wonderful party guest in casual situations due to its adaptability and sociability. Our Pinot Noir wine will elevate your special events and daily life.

Prestige Wine Cellar Pte Ltd. welcomes you to the exciting world of Pinot Noir.
Prestige Wine Cellar Pte Ltd offers the best Pinot Noir wine. Join us as we discover Pinot Noir’s refinement, complexity, and all-occasion joy. We await your reply. Prestige Wine Cellar Pte Ltd. begins your Pinot Noir adventure.



Pinot Noir Wine in Singapore


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